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Volunteer Positions

Frederick Area Divers cannot continue to exist without the help of our parents.  Help is always needed at dive meets and during the season.  Besides, it’s low-key and fun!  The divers love to have their parents join in the fun and excitement.

Please consider helping this year!

The available volunteer positions are:
Parent Representative and Co-Parent Representative
- Collect registrations forms and payment to be given to the FAD Treasurer Board Member
- Organize volunteers, liaison between FAD and other teams, attend CMDL meetings (twice annually)
Apparel Coordinator
- Arrange a provider for team shirts and additional apparel to sell to the team
- Collect orders and distribute apparel

Announcer at Home Meets
- Announcing the divers and dives as they compete
- Can choose which meets you are available (do not have to announce them all)

Judging at Home and Away Meets
- Requires a simple 2 hour training by the CMDL (re-certified every 2 years)
- This is not high pressured judging - it's only summer league!
Can choose which meets you are available (do not have to judge them all)
Table Workers at Home and Away Meets
- Calculate and record diver’s scores (best seats in the house to see the dive meet!)
Can choose which meets you are available (do not have to work them all)
Ribbon Preparation at Home Meets
- Record diver’s scores on a CMDL document
- Write the score on the ribbon label and prepare them for presentation
- Find contact information at Frederick News-Post and report dive meet results
End of Season Picnic
- Help Parent Rep organize
Take a few photos of the divers during meets and share with parent rep or coach to be put on FAD’s website