2018 Registration

Registration for the 2018 Season is now open! Please try to complete your registration prior to Thursday, June 7th.

Click here: Registration Form to obtain the 2018 Registration form. When turning in the form at our Meet the Coach night or on your first day of practice, please don’t forget to include a copy of the AAU Insurance membership card and payment. Divers cannot even be on the pool deck with the team unless we have proof of current AAU Insurance.

Click here: AAU Insurance Coverage to obtain your 2018 AAU insurance card.

2018 Schedule

The 2018 Practice/Dive Meet Schedule is available NOW. Click
here: Calendar to view and print.

There will be a meet and greet with the coach and an opportunity to turn in your paperwork early on Monday, June 4th next to the pool in Baker Park.

The first day of practice will be on Tuesday, June 5th.  Our practice times are split according to age.  Children 12 and under practice from 5-6:30pm and children 13 and over practice from 6:00-7:30pm.

Please check the new calendar for practice/meets days and times as these have changed from last year.
2018 Volunteers

As always, Frederick Area Divers relies on parent volunteers.  The team simply cannot run without the help of our wonderful, supportive parents!

Click here to read more about:
Volunteer Positions

Our team uses a Shutterfly Team Site to communicate with families, share photos and host volunteer sign-ups. You will receive an invitation to join our team site once you have registered your diver for the season. Please take a moment to complete the Shutterfly Team site account set-up when you receive your email so that you can stay in the loop this season!